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Fixed: Bluetooth headphone stuttering problem in Windows 10.Steinberg Cubase Elements 12 アカデミック版|ミュージックランドKEY

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Having a stuttering issue when listening to music, podcast or watching movies with your Bluetooth headphone connected to your Windows 10 laptop or PC? It happens and happens a lot.

My Sennheiser BT 4. The audio would often cut in and out randomly, forcing me to use the aux cable. However, using the AUX cable is not a solution, especially when you have invested in a Bluetooth headphone for a cordless listening experience. If you are also experiencing this issue, the good news is, Bluetooth headphone audio stuttering issue is not occurring due to an issue with your headset.

This is also evident with the fact that when connected to smartphone, the audio over Bluetooth on my headphone sounds perfectly fine. Finally, I fixed the Bluetooth audio stuttering problem by following a few troubleshooting steps.

I have listed similar steps in this article as well to help you resolve issues with Bluetooth headphones. This troubleshooter can scan the system for audio related issues and recommend fixes accordingly. If the issue persists, try running the Bluetooth troubleshooter. Bluetooth troubleshooter can help you find and fix problems with your Bluetooth devices.

Click close and check if the Bluetooth headphone stuttering on Windows 10 problem is resolved. If you are using a WiFi network at your home, check if the router uses a 2. S witching to 5 GHz radio frequency seems to have helped several users fix stuttering audio with Bluetooth headphones on Windows If you are already using a 5 GHz network, try switching to a 2.

Many electronic devices and appliances use the 2. If you have many devices using the same band, it is likely to be congested; thus, you may experience damaged speed or bad signal quality. If your laptop is closer to the router, switch to a 5 GHz frequency to reduce congestion. It also offers a higher speed compared to the 2.

Before you switch off the 2. If not, consider upgrading to a dual-band router. At times, Windows by default may set up your Bluetooth headphone as a hands-free headset, thus prioritizing two-way communication and hands-free features. Due to inadequate power, your Bluetooth headset may experience issues when used for music listening.

To resolve the issue, try disabling the hands-free telephony Bluetooth service from the headset properties. Try using the headset again and check if the Bluetooth headphones crackling Windows 10 problem is resolved. Close the Properties window and control panel and reconnect your wireless headset to your PC. Check if the audio stuttering issue is fixed. If the issue persists, open the Properties window again and uncheck the Remotely Controllable Device option. Save the changes and check for any improvements.

The Bluetooth support service helps in the discovery and association of remote Bluetooth devices. If the service is stopped or experiencing issues due to a glitch, it can cause installed Bluetooth devices to fail to operate correctly. Make sure the service is up and running by following these steps. Turn on Bluetooth on your PC and then connect your headphone. Check if the Bluetooth audio lag in Windows 10 is fixed.

Once enhancements are off, reconnect the Bluetooth headphone to your PC and check for any improvements. Once the issue is resolved, try enabling a few enhancements to see if that works. Reinstalling Bluetooth and, strangely enough, WiFi drivers have resolved the Bluetooth stuttering issues for many Windows 10 users using a wireless headphone.

After the restart, Windows will automatically scan for hardware changes and install the required drivers for your Bluetooth and wireless network adapter. If you are using a third-party Bluetooth adapter to access Bluetooth on your PC, check the hardware device for the issues. At times, incompatible hardware can also cause Bluetooth interference in Windows 10 laptops. To diagnose the issue, unplug the Bluetooth adapter and reboot the computer.

After the reboot, connect the Bluetooth adapter and wait for a Windows prompt to add and pair the device. Now your headphone should be connected to your Windows 10 computer over Bluetooth and working as it should. If turning off your WiFi connection resolves the stuttering issue, try using an external Bluetooth adapter. After connecting the external Bluetooth adapter, make sure to disable the built-in Bluetooth device from the Device Manager.

If the issue is occurring due to radio interference from the motherboard, try connecting your USB enabled Bluetooth adapter using a USB extension cable. Reconnect your Bluetooth headset to the computer and check for any improvements.

When you have a Bluetooth headset connected to your PC, turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone. Several users have reported resolving the Bluetooth audio stuttering problem after turning off Bluetooth on their smartphone. For a known issue, Microsoft may release a hotfix update to fix the problem. Windows 10 update usually consists of bug fixes and driver updates for system hardware and peripherals to fix identified issues and improve performance.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth headphone stuttering issue can occur due to several reasons. Depending on the user case, try following as many solutions as possible until you find the correct fix to resolve the issue. In most cases, switching to a 5 GHz band frequency from 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sign in. Log into your account.

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